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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Moving. No, moved!

I've decided to abandon this space. A change is in place. And a change is necessary, so we should embrace this change.
I might use this place for photos though. I need a proper page for photos only. Like a gallery thingumajig. Maybe I'd retain the layout?
Okay, so livejournal it is. Go see TheSummerSkin if you will.


Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Day

Yesterday, I went to the Singapore Arts Museum with some classmates for a talk about art appreciation. Met up with Teck, Irah, Brandon first and then with Sam and Azy. The talk was okay, they made us sit on weird stools though, but the walk in the gallery was fun :D The paintings and sculptures were impressive, and our museum guide was good. There was this girl in our group who kept letting out a very pretentious "mmmhmmmmm" every single time the guide was saying something which made sense to her or was interesting. We couldn't help but laugh at her, and it was so funny cos we were trying so hard to stifle our laughter.

After that we went to Arab Street to get cloth for Teck's banner, and then to Haji Lane! Saw more interesting things today, and bought a tee for myself. Am broke now (:

Then after all the shopping and walking around I met Jia Yu, Inez and Hidayah at New York New York for dinner. We were gonna celebrate Jia Yu's early birthday. The breaded fish linguine was awesome, by far the best thing I've eaten there.

We walked out after that, caught a short glimpse of the fireworks before and after the national anthem was played during the Nationay Day preview. And it has come to my attention that Singaporeans actually do not bother bout the national anthem when it is being played and when you can hear it so clearly. People just continue walking nonchalantly, not stopping to at least show some respect for the nation, pretending that they've not heard anything. I wonder if it actually occurred to them if they should have at least stopped walking.

When I was in Thailand two years back, shopping in Chatuchak, the people stopped moving and stopped talking when the national anthem was played at 6pm. So why is this not happening in Singapore? Do we not feel any sense of pride or loyalty to our country?

Will you stop walking if you hear the national anthem playing on the streets?

Hidayah, Jia Yu and I hung out at Starbucks after that. We talked a lot about how we've changed since secondary school, our lives now, love, betrayal, friendship, people... It was just nice sitting there and reflecting with your dear friends. :)

We should do this more often okay! I think Starbucks'd be our usual spot now.



Friday, July 27, 2007

I love fried mars bars and my tigers and my friends

I only realised today that fried mars bars are so sinfully yummy.

Subway lunch and running all over town in search of new tigers for ourselves was enjoyable. We couldn't make up our minds in the onitsuka tigers store but we ended up really happy with what we bought. No stinkey holey blackened tigers anymore!

Met up with the secondary school friends, somehow it felt like I've not seen them since a long time. We had dinner at Changi village. Good food and good company makes the world go round. Let's start planning our next fooding session soon!

Pardon me for the clipped writing, I am very lazy to type nice long sentences. Here's a picture to end this entry with. Wan Ting was so cute lah, she thought we were gonna strike a silly pose but she ended up doing it herself.


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Of skipping school and a bandaged middle finger

I didn't go to school today! Haha how funny that I just said I feel like quitting school yesterday and today I'm off from school.

My skipping school is not unfounded alright! I took the time to go to the clinic where I had my swollen right middle finger looked into. The doctor pierced it to release the pus from the infection and here I am now typing with a bandaged right middle finger.

The doctor said it was just a minor infection, so no worries. He was really nice. Apart from giving me my mc for today graciously, he offered to let me skip PE tomorrow as it'd be better to let my finger rest. Hmmm.. doctor says too many pushups during PE might actually make my finger's condition worser! So no f&c for me tomorrow! :D

School's pretty fine right now. We resumed choir today and we're focussing on our National Day peformance now. We're gonna do Gloria but I won't be singing because I'd be in London during the National Day break! It's not very good that I'll be away... but I guess it's a break afterall and I'm going to enjoy London!

Alrighty, update when I can.


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Hello, I feel like quitting school.


Monday, July 16, 2007

Chinese or Cheenese?

I came back from the airport today and noticed there was this newspaper article lying on my table. Did not take a look at what it's heading was because I was busy unpacking but I only noticed my dad's scribbles, which went Wei, Important advice. Papa.

I just got to take a closer look at it and the heading is "Mother tongue gives S'poreans an edge:MM" Hahahaha, so funny lah now even my dad realised that I am losing my grip of the chinese language and I need some pushing to get me back on track.

Ever since the o level chinese papers, I haven't been bothering much about chinese lessons and chinese in general. So this is a wake up call for me!


Thursday, July 12, 2007

Parry Hotter!

I went down to Vivocity yesterday to meet Hidayah and Prasanna and we caught the sneak preview of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix! Harry Potter is always nice, but I felt this particular one paled in comparison to the previous ones which were more exciting and scary. But anyhows, watch it! Watch it for Emma Watson :D

I met mum after that and we went shopping. I think I have the coolest mum in the world. She's totally cool about my not-so-great results, and even agreed to come meet me at Vivocity after work so we could have dinner and shop together.

Flying off to Pattaya in about 4 hours. Will be back on Monday night :D


Saturday, July 07, 2007

Transformers Day!

Friday was Transformers Day. Brandon and I decided to bring our beast wars toys to school, and Mong also joined us. It was funny how we were playing with toys which we've not touched for more than 6 years, and trying to figure out how we always managed to transform the toys last time was good fun. I think some people thought we were crazy when we were sitting in the canteen with Jon, Martin and Sylvia having such a great time playing with the transformers.

The transformers got Brandon and I distracted for a bit before we had our A level Chinese oral. We were worried as hell but I think it ended up quite well :D I hope the results will show!

Then it was choir briefing and dinner at whitesands with Charlotte, Martin and Sylvia. Had a crazy time there making noise and speaking like ah lians. I laughed until my insides ached and tears rolled down my cheeks, hahaha.

Today's Saturday, and we had choir practice. It was short and after that was katong laksa and parkway with Brandon, Jon, Sylvia, Charlotte and Martin. And then I went to grandparent's place for dinner and now I am home.

It's 3 more days to Pattaya and WE CANNOT WAIT TO GET THERE! But besides the competition, there is really nothing else we have there to do. Ms Lai banned us from leaving the resort for shopping because Pattaya is just to dangerous and she fears that a terrorist attack might take place. I'm now crossing my fingers that the beach will be super nice, and that the scenery will be good so we can past time meaningfully. :D


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